We partner and innovate with the hospitals to overcome challenges together

Since a hospital’s reputation is based on the experience of your patients, IBIS Health hospitalists work to enhance your hospital’s standing from the inside out. In addition to delivering high-quality care, our physicians cultivate relationships with providers in your community. This might mean personally calling a patient’s primary care provider to communicate the discharge plan.


Improving Quality of Care and Patient Safety

We realize that to get better outcomes for patients and hospitals, things needed to be done differently. IBIS Health hospitalists contribute to improving quality of care and patient safety hence producing better outcomes and more satisfied patients.



Improved Patient Satisfaction

At IBIS Health we thrive to create processes that would engender and sustain a hospitalist culture that prioritizes the patient perspective and experience. We hypothesized that improving hospitalist-patient communication would have a strong impact on patients’ overall evaluation of care provided.




Improving Patient Flow and Throughput

IBIS Health Hospitalists engage at every stage of the patient care process—emergency, admission, inpatient unit, surgery, critical care, and discharge. As a result our Hospitalists can treat more patients and implement other measures to increase throughput and patient flow.



Providing Round-the-Clock Care

IBIS Health hospitalists provide 24/7/365 onsite coverage to improve the quality of care while increasing patient and nurse satisfaction—and nurse retention. Additionally, the improved availability of IBIS Health hospitalists results in quicker discharge, more time for consultation, and enhanced communication.



Partnership Approach

We extend our partnership approach to our clients, working closely with hospital leadership to identify and execute strategies that impact patient satisfaction and operational efficiency. Our physicians and management experts believe in taking a flexible approach to each client site, applying best practices to the unique situations at hand.